The first and main benefit is a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS by being a Factional Owner as opposed to owning the aircraft completely by yourself.  Simply put, as a one-quarter Owner, you’ll ONLY pay for one-quarter of the expenses!!!  Therefore, HAVE FUN and ENJOY LIFE and a FRACTION of the cost!  The other three Fractional Owners will be paying three-fourths (75%) of the Fixed Expenses for the airplane.  Also, keep in mind that most people have the mistaken idea that when they buy that new boat, motor home or airplane that somehow TIME comes with it.  Well, you and I both know that it doesn’t!!!  Letting any boat, motor home or airplane sit for any length of time causes it to deteriorate.  Therefore, the second benefit is having the other Fractional Owners fly the aircraft on a regular basis, thereby allowing the various moving parts to become lubricated and the various systems to be operated.  The third benefit is Professional Management.  For example, all items relating to annual inspections, routine maintenance, parachute repacking, keeping the tires inflated or tugging the aircraft and staging it prior to your arrival will all be done for you.  

To review, after you consider all the benefits of Fractional Ownership, namely the Significant Cost Savings, the Time that YOU actually have available to fly the aircraft and Professional Management, it should become apparent that Fractional Ownership has tremendous advantages compared to whole ownership and provides the greatest VALUE for YOU.  


An Investment of Only $99,950.00 US Funds includes the following for N90510:  

A One Quarter (25) Percent Ownership of the Aircraft;

20 hours of Ground School and between 7-12 hours of Flight Instruction to prepare you for your Type Rating in the L-39C;

A Custom Fitted Nomex Flight Suit;

A Custom Fitted Jet Fighter Helmet with all the electronics including your Call Sign.

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